2 Chainz signs to Def Jam?

After numerous rumors about his new label deal have been circulating on the net, 2 Chainz indirectly confirmed to XXL that he is indeed signed to Def Jam Recordings.

While the Atlanta rhymeslinger initially played dumb, answering, “What deal? Next question, let’s go,” when asked about the rumored venture, he eventually told XXL that he is no longer an artist signed to Ludacris via his DTP label, but now the two are label mates instead.

“It’s the Real University, Two Gun Gang, Street Executives. It’s not DTP no more,” he says. “I’m actually behind [Ludacris], he’s still my homie. I just took another route as far as running my own company and bossing up. But on the other hand, I’m still working with him. He has an album coming out this year, as well. Matter of fact, we are label mates, now, which is crazy. So, yeah, that’ll be cool. I’m looking forward to that.”

Chainz also explained his nod to Bay-area rapper Too Short, who he references on the Rick Ross song “Fuck ‘Em,” off his Rich Forever mixtape.

“A lot of people ask where the line came from, a line in which I stated my father figure growing up was Too Short,” he begins. “Too Short end up calling me probably two weeks after it dropped. I been a fan of Too Short ever since I could remember. I actually remember paying someone to go to the store and buy the CD for me because I wasn’t old enough to purchase it. It just feels good for it to come all the way back around.

“It was a lyric that not only rhymed, but I just meant that,” he continues. “We came up, my whole generation and the generation up under me, we came up with artists as role models and father figures… It had a lot of truth to it.”

2 Chainz also talked about the XXL Freshmen issue coming up, saying, while he is just now catching his second wind, he feels he has more experience than the average Freshman to be considered for it.

“I could tell you, from my end, a lot of people told me not to worry about that,” he says, “and that’s been my attitude towards a lot of things… If it happens, it happens. Actions speak louder than words. If it happens, I’d be cool about it. But, it’s nothing I’m looking forward to. I realize I’m a seasoned, polished veteran at the same time because of my background, being with Playaz Circle and coming up under Ludacris and the whole campaign. So, it probably wouldn’t be fair to someone else on the cover who just probably getting started.

“I feel I got knowledge in this game, although this is my first time I feel like the spotlight is directed towards me and my campaign,” he adds. “I just feel I’ve been doing it some time. I’m not tripping off that. I’m just grateful XXL is acknowledging me.”

Indeed, 2 Chainz has been doing the music thing so long that, in true OG form, he passed on the opportunity to have some of his famous friends make guest appearances at his first New York City headlining show last night (January 30). Instead, he says, they planned on attending simply to see the show and support their peer.

“My first instinct was to reach out,” he explains. “I got a lot of peers in New York that I rock with. I got a lot of songs with people from New York that I rock with. But then I thought, people from New York probably see these people all the time and they don’t get a chance to actually see me. So, a lot of my peers are coming out for support to watch the show.”

In addition, 2 Chainz says he hopes to release two albums in a year’s time, much like Plies, Trey Songz and DMX have done in the past. “I got plenty of songs and plenty of concepts and I don’t plan on putting out any more mixtapes for now so I need another venue to put out music,”…


Neako: The Number 23

The Number 23 is now available for download. For those of you who have never heard of Neako, his style is similar to Wiz Khalifa. Let’s just say that his flow sounds more agile. In this mixtape, I noted some recycling in his lyrics. “2SS” totally has lines taken out from Neako’s feature in Wiz Khalifa’s “Reefer Party”. It’s a surprise how Juicy J decided to be partnered with Neako on “Ice”. It doesn’t seem like the type of flow he would execute; the Kush & Orange Juice style might be something he’s getting into. Seriously though, what’s up with the song “We Got The Handshake”. That track just detriments the quality of the mixtape. “Friendly Skies” has some great strings on deck; it all goes well with lines. Focusing on mixtape content, there is a decent variation on mellowed out songs. There’s only a few based out song such as ”Oooo Yeah” featuring BXB. An analysis on this mixtape might be out soon on the Revoluzik’s review section. Stay posted guys.

LoudxPack Is In: LoudxPack Muzik Is Here



How is it going readers. Its a new year and a new start with me. Now I know the hip hop scene changes all the time. Right now I want to show love to all the producers out there doing there thing. Mike Will, Lil Lody, Dj Spinz and alot more. I feel alot of people jump to conclusions when it comes to producers. One producer that I feel that had a flop year was Sonny Digital. Alot of  artist did work with him. But far as radio singles..It was only “Racks” thats the truth no disrespect. But this story isnt about all those other producers. Im here to introduce LoudxPack to the world. His production is original and reminds me of the new sound that hip hop is moving in. There will always be the Trap Sound. But hip hop is more. Loudxpack has been doing this for a while now and have worked with some major artist..From Bun B, Slick Pulla, K Camp, and now Jae Millz from YMCMB. This is my rookie of the year when it comes to production. Ill put all my chips in on this guy.. Check out some of his work below!! Take care readers



How it going readers. I know its been a while sorry. All I can say is LIFE. But back to this music. I have been getting alot of emails about this group from the small city of Canton,OH. And I check out their music. One of my favorite tracks I choose to blog about were they song “Facebook”.. I like the track because I’m addicted to facebook. I actually love a song to go with it. I have to be honest I haven’t heard much about rap groups in a while. But this rap group just isn’t normal. I would like to introduce Mr. Wright and his voice I LOVE. DBE reminds me of a now Goodie Mob of the south. And Mr.Wright could be Cee Lo Green. Lol but Im serious. I really think this group has the potential but it will take more than a facebook hit to make it to the top. You can check out for DBE in the up coming magazine O Zone for the month of March. Above is their new smash single “Facebook” check it out and Show some Love. Im signing out!!