Say Hello to Jesse Mr Hello

Well i remember Dipset’s Camron saying I used to get it in Ohio. But now I would like to introduce Jesse Mr Hello. Hailing all the way from Columbus, OH. Now I know the last biggest name out of Ohio is Lil Bow Wow. No disrespect to the O but that is true. And there are name that are popping from Chip tha Ripper, MGK, and Kid Cudi. And alot of the music coming from there is different but creating a new lane for musicians. Jesse Mr Hello is way different from all those artist. He brings the streets with him. And the hardwork shows from all the mixtapes and songs he has dropped. From my view it seems he has no plans to slow up. Signing with Newera Team Management and Prestige Promotions. The sky is the limit for Jesse Mr Hello. I admit the name can be a lil confusing but I think his music is orginal. He reminds me of Fabolous artist Dose that had the track “Where They Do That”. Coming from the midwest but not with that Nelly bounce. His music is fun but it seems more geared towards the streets. Im just hoping he has the potential to cross over and make bigger moves. Now days music is all about crossing over but we shall see. I will officially say im Co-signing this artist and look out for more work. Down below i will post some links to his music and a video of him. Check him out and be the judge. To all my readers stay posted!


Fat Boi’s Young Thang

How its going readers I wanted to highlight another hot artist. He goes by Fat Boi. And his delivery and voice tone is very catchy. Reminds me of a down south biggie. The track that I checked out and caught me was “Young Thang” I liked the track alot just because it felt real. WIth the production banging I feel as its something I can ride to with my lady. I love the whole laid back swag to the song. Reminds me of the Plies and T-Pain track “Shawty”.. Fat is telling it from a drug dealer prospective.

Every guy out here in the streets know. That you need that down ass lady. I cant wait to hear more music from Fat Boi. Email me if your really digging the track so I can get a story wrote up on this guy!! Stay Tru readers!!