Meek Mill: Dreamchasers 1 vs. Dreamchaser 2




So I got a question for all the hip hop heads. Everybody knows that Meek Mill has the potential to be the next Jay-Z. First east coast artist in a long time that’s excepted everywhere. With the music scene shifting to the south. Its been hard for alot of east coast rappers to shine. But for Meek Mill signing with Rozay (Rick Ross) label Maybach Music its been a easy shift. What i will admit i like DreamChaser 1 much better than Dreamchaser 2. Reason why I feel Meek Mill left his sound behind. Which isnt negative. Im guessing he is just showing progress. But I felt like when Meek did work with producer All Star it really showcased that Philly Sound. Im Hoping there is going to be more All-Star on the Dreams and Nightmares album from Meek MIll. But I want to know what the public thinks. Also I would like to say fuck DJ Drama. Meek Mill shouldve shined his light on Maybach own DJ DJ Scream which has the south on lock. And also has Producer/DJ, DJ Spinz under his arm that produced “Cashout” for artist Cash Out and “Ring Ring” for Rozay (Rick Ross) on the Classic Mixtape “Rich Forever” which featured Atl’s own Future. But back to Meek check out both mixtapes and you be the judge.



Asap Rocky- Goldie (Produced by Hitboy)

Asap Rocky is hot. He is more than a rapper he is a artist. Just like a artist that paints a picture. Reason why look at his visuals in this video. From the clothes to the cars. I love everything its different. I know haters will hate but realize tru hip hop at its finest. Shout out to Asap Rocky and the entire Asap Mob

Thirty8hot really is Hot!

How is it going readers. Im back from vacation once again. My name should be vacation shawty with all the trips i keep making. Actually im back from attending DJ Scream Industry Mixer. And what a night that was.But back to this music while in atlanta i ran across a hot artist. He goes by the name Thirty8hot. Some guy just told me to review this cd. I check it out and it had some bangers. The down point about this entire deal. I didnt find to much on the web about him. After doing some research I ran across his reverbnation Page but it didnt have the same music that i had on the cd. What i will say he reminds me of a younger Plies. And his music is very Gritty. Im digging his music and the vibe he gives with his delivery. After Talking with a couple of people i got in touch with his people and i found myself writing up a review on him. Check out some of his hot music and stay tuned


Federo Next 2 Blow

How is it going readers. Sorry ive been away for a while. I just wanted to let you know while i was gone I ran across a hot artist. He goes by Federo and he reps Cali. Now this isnt your normal Cali cat. I know we are used to the dances from the west coast. Federo is more on the lyrical side and bringing hip hop back to its essence. He has a crazy tone of voice and shows he’s like no other. On top of that im hearing a buzz in my ear that he has labels from Columbia, DTP, Poe Boy Music Group, And indie label MMI interested. If you dont know about Federo I think you should check him out. Be your own judge about his music. Plus im trying to find out if my ears are in tune. I would love to be the first blog site to break this artist. Also I hear he’s working with zaytoven on the production side. Down below i will post some links to check out his music. Keep your ears to the streets and keep your head bobbing