ChoBoy M80- Deal Wit It

I want everyone to show love to M80 and the gang is ChoBoy. I like his style he can do music for the hood and the college crowd. Most of his music is laid back music. Reminds me of a currency mixed with a lil bit of Too Short for some reason. This track here “Deal Wit It” takes you on a day journey with M80 and his gang. And from what i see they burn alot of herb.. If you want something to ride to and smoke to this track could be it. Also on top of it Choboy is doing alot of big things. His last blog shows that he is under the wing of Taylor Gang. So I really feel all of my followers should show some love. At least check it out yourself and be the judge. If you like the new hippy movement this is you. Check out the video and let me know if its a green light