Make A Spot For E-Face

Back like i never left and its time to shine some light on a hot artist. He goes by the name of E-Face and he is coming out of the Florida may i add St. Petersburg. Hard place to come from but when you hear E-Face music you dont feel that. You hear a young man giving his point of view on life and what he knows. He is like a young man in a old man body. Good music is here and E-Face has next. Im hearing he is working on a ep which could be dropping this year. Im sure labels will be keeping a eye out for him. Im hearing labels from Vice Records and MMI could be interested in E-Face at this time. Mark my word. To find E-Face music just google him or youtube him. Any updated links I get about this artist you will find it here first!


Lok3y: No Mo Dirty Sprite (Hosted By DJ E-Dub)

I listened to this tape and im going to be honest. This project is ok. Most tracks a club tracks with a street appeal. Far as the dj hosting it Im not even sure why he is dj. He really didnt do to much on the mix. Lok3y seems to have the energy and the passion but he need to work more on his delivery. Far as the production its ranges. Its something on here for the smokers. The ones that club and the riders. On a scale on 1 to 10 ill give it a 6. He has potential but needs more work

Introducing J.Ollie

Hello, my name is Jermel Ollie a.k.a J. Ollie. I chose the name J. ollie because i wanted to keep it real. I grew up in Chicago Il,
on the south side, better known as the wild hundreds. never thought i would live pass the age of 18 Im 25 years old and i learned a lot from the streets early. so i tried to get awy. always put my books first. went off to college for 2years where i learned that i had a talent. i linked up with the Frost who was the man on campus with rappping. he help me step my flow up. then i met the School Boyz who had mad production. we began making hit after hit. i opened up for drake, the dream,and young jeezy. I then had a baby and the things i did in the street got me kicked out of colledge. Started working to provide for my son. never left the music alone. i began having seizures for like a year. for several days after every seizure i had bad memory. I couldnt remember nothing but my raps. that told me what im put on this earth for. Dr. found a cure and i been goin hard every since. ready to make history. i love to make music. im very creative. i hope to become an icon and lead the world in a positive way.

D.I.M.P. Is Here

My name is Jarelle Antione Lamar Barnes Sr. I was born at Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg V.A. January 3rd 1984. I grew up in small county in Virginia called King George. We lived in a trailer park! Not what you would stereotypically think about a trailer park. There were shootings, there were drugs, but it was home! I started rapping at age 13, mainly freestyling spelling out my name. It was just fun to me, I understood it though. If it wasnt for my boy letting me join their group in the talent show…I wouldnt be here right now. My influences were alot of different artist not just rap, but r&b. From LL and Kool Mo D to Outkast and Jayz. Those artist made me see through their eyes and as I got older I saw I was going through the same thing they spoke about years ago. Its all truth and I want to be real with my music. Because im real with myself.
I got into a little trouble in the past and it landed me in jail. In there you only got time….time to think. My celly was into music and I remember him asking me to spit something so i did. And he was like….”why you in here?” He said “yo you got a gift you should be out there sharing it with the world” That was when I thought real hard about it. “What makes you happier other than your family….My music” There it was… I got out, got my job back and got my shit together. Now im here!