Young Etha: Making That Ether

From the streets of Delaware Young Etha is making a name. Grinding hard with tape after tape and video after video. Had landed Young Etha a spot on here. With his new video just now being released “Niggaz Gon Hate”. This track title basically says it all. Etha is use to the hate but has his mind focus on his up and coming mixtape. Young Etha music is now getting spins on kiss 101.7 in Delaware. So if your one of those hipsters looking for the next up coming thing. I believe Young Etha could be that guy. Check out his work for yourself


BiZ Da Troof is the Truth

Hopefully all of my readers been good. I must shine some light on this up and coming mc out of Cincinnati by the name of BiZ Da Troof. Yes I know the name is different but maybe that’s what makes him stand out. With his video “Swagg Music” going viral on the web. BiZ Da Troof future looks very bright. Right now his single “Bitch Im Jerzzz’d Out” is also doing numbers on the web and is featured on I know the word swagg is played out but his track “Swagg Music” really is catchy. With a good hook and beat banging. I know the dj’s would show love. Be a judge yourself and check out his video below.

contact info
Twitter @bizdatroof
—Website is
For Bookings and more info513 371 0376

Silk Black & Uglyville Ent

If your been looking for that vintage sound of Playa Fly from Three Six Mafia and a mix of Mobb Deep you’ve just got lucky. I would love to introduce Silk Black and his Uglyville Movement. Black has been doing this for a while and is waiting of his break. Reppin the city of Wilmington, NC he’s bringing his life straight to your face. With videos like “We Getting It In” and “The Dirty” black has a viral movement. If your not to young you might hear a little Trick Daddy in him. Silk Black wants to give the world his story which is a true story. He isnt here the glamorize the woman, cars, and jewelry. He is here to tell you the streets dont love you. The last artist I know giving it to us like that was Young Jeezy. Now Silk is a developing artist and his sound isnt just there yet. He has some hits but I feel in the near future you’ll hear alot about this artist. Check out his video below”The Dirty”. Thanks to all my readers and take care