G.C.A. Wants Respect


Hailing from Indiana, Indianapolis G.C.A. is here to make a statement. Now they submitted two tracks over to the site . And guess what one is produced by super producer Zaytoven. Now I know its hard to believe but its true. The first track I sat down and took a listen to was the track “Don’t Know”. The hook was ok. It reminded me of a nursery rhyme. And the first artist on the track by the name of Spurlge voice is so hi pitch. Im not to much a fan of the hook. The track is cool I would give it a 6. I feel they need to continue to grow. The second verse starts with the other half of G.C.A. Fool. Where he is basically breaking down how he lives his life and how he rolls. The track is cool like I stated. I just feel its a track im not sure if it would be a song that’ll break them thru. Sometime artist just need to understand music is a art. The picture painted in my head wasn’t that clear from the track. The second track I reviewed was the Zaytoven assistant track “So Priceless”. Now with priceless I love the beat. I love all of Zaytoven stuff. Far as the song it self again it was cool. There really wasnt a wow factor behind the track. But at least with this track a clear picture was painted. So the track had the subject matter I could relate to. Maybe this track could turn some heads and grab some attention. Best thing I can say is look out for the G.C.A. movement. I am pretty glad to get a peek of what they are working on. Are they ready for a record deal at this time. I would say just not yet. With alot of more hard work and dedication  I feel the sky really could be the limit for this duo. When I think about it, we need more rap groups. We had the Young Gunz, Outkast, and thats about it. So its good to see to artist coming together to make one dope sound. So much respect and salute to G.C.A. Now readers remember this is my opinion. Be a judge yourself and check out G.C.A.

G.C.A.- So Priceless (Produced by Zaytoven)

G.C.A.- Dont Know (Produced by G-Soundz)