Noah Maze Is The Canadian Haze


Coming from Ottawa, Canada can be a different lifestyle for most. But for artist Noah Maze its the same problems everywhere. After been shot a couple years ago he has came back with a flame. With tracks like “Colours” and “48 Laws of Power” Noah is bringing an exotic street RnB vibe to the game. With his previous mixtape “The Amazeing Life” Hosted by DJ Smallz is out right now. Matter of fact you may want to go download that mixtape asap on At the end of the Day if your into artist like French Montana, Drake, PartNextDoor, Or Future this would be up your alley. Noah Maze is a special artist I must say. Give him some support. By the way his Video “Love Affair ” will be dropping soon for the summer is what i hear.

Check Out His Mixtape Here….
Noah Maze: The Amazeing Life Mixtape


One thought on “Noah Maze Is The Canadian Haze

  1. love you ”NOAH MAZE” …as Rapper/singer you are A…maz…ing…48 laws of Power… as another fav of mine I can’t wait for your new video to drop …” Love Affair”

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