Thirty8hot really is Hot!

How is it going readers. Im back from vacation once again. My name should be vacation shawty with all the trips i keep making. Actually im back from attending DJ Scream Industry Mixer. And what a night that was.But back to this music while in atlanta i ran across a hot artist. He goes by the name Thirty8hot. Some guy just told me to review this cd. I check it out and it had some bangers. The down point about this entire deal. I didnt find to much on the web about him. After doing some research I ran across his reverbnation Page but it didnt have the same music that i had on the cd. What i will say he reminds me of a younger Plies. And his music is very Gritty. Im digging his music and the vibe he gives with his delivery. After Talking with a couple of people i got in touch with his people and i found myself writing up a review on him. Check out some of his hot music and stay tuned



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